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The Managing Director is the Chief Executive of the administration of the SGCECS. He performs all the responsibilities as entrusted to him by the management and exercises such power as has been assigned to him under the Act, Rules, and byelaws and also delegated to him by the Executive Committee and the Chairman. He is the one to sue and to be sued. He is responsible for the day to day administration of the society.

Thiru. C. Govindarajulu is the dynamic Managing Director of the Society. He has sound background of Experience more than 30 years in Co - operative movement and 35 years in Employees Union. The other portfolio held by him is shown under

1. Simpson Group Companies Employees Union General Secretary
2. Madras Harbor Port and Dock Workers (SC & ST Union) President
3. Government Servant Co-op., Society Employees' Union President
4. All India Yerukulas (Kavadi, Menapadi, Sathapadi, Mendrakutty) Organisation & Welfare Association President
5. Tamilnadu Menapadi Chinnasamy Boxing Club President
6. Simpson Group Employees' Society Endowment Trust Chairman Correspondent
7. Manapadi Chinnasamy Educational Trust Correspondent Principal
8. Simpson & Group Companies Employees' Co-op Society Ltd. Ex-Chairman